Beautiful jewellery pieces to compliment your Bridal Gown.

We have the latest designs in Bridal Jewellery sourced from Jewellery designers in Australia and around the World.



The majority of our veils are designed and created at Kel-Leigh Couture which allows you to create a veil to suit your Gown.

Do you want lace on your Veil? We can do that
Your gown sparkles? Then let's put sparkles on your Veil to match
You want to add a little bit of colour to your veil? Let's do it. Lace, ribbon or crystals of your choice



Like your veil we can create the perfect shoe for your special occasion including our very own Kel-Leigh Couture brand Bridal Shoes.

With our branded shoes we can create a shoe design using crystals or lace to match your Gown.